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Monday, December 31st, 2012

****Warning the following may contain spoilers if you have not read the complete Dark Tower series by Stephen King*****

“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.”

Above is the first line from The Gunslinger book one of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. This opening line is often heralded as one of the best sentences Stephen King has ever written. Upon first reading the sentence, I knew it was great, but didn’t realize why until I finished the whole series and started to compose short short short stories of my own.

That one single sentence, told the complete story of the eight book series. And to be expected most readers will not understand this until they finish the series. Lets break it down and see why it’s so great.

The man in black– this part represents not only a person who is a central antagonist throughout the works, but it also describes the greater antagonist the world in which Roland lives, black.  These four words describe the struggle and hardships very well.

fled across the desert- even though the man in black(world) is the enemy has taken steps toward darkening the world further, the darkness is now fleeing as a result of the actions of Roland and his friends. The desert symbolizes how desperate the enemy now is, to even cross the desert in order to lose the gunslinger.

, and the gunslinger followed- Roland, a gunslinger continues on his duty to follow the man in black (both literally and figuratively), in order to search the evil out and put an end to it. Notice the sentence ends with “followed” not a word or words describing a victory by Roland. Once you read the last book this makes perfect sense. The sentence is meant to seem repetitive in nature because as we learn in fact Roland is having to repeat this sentence over and over.

For once, I agree with the critiques and reviews. This is one of the best sentences, I have ever read.



Short Short Short Story II

Monday, December 31st, 2012

001 (2)_1sharp

Start of the End

These are not easy times to call yourself a gunslinger. But I continue to walk the once, well traveled path of my ancestors. Many years ago, I held my head high when I passed the fork in the road. I squint my eyes as I watch the silver sun slowly set in the distance. I smile. The end of the beginning is almost over. I walk forward.

Usually I do not dissect my own works for the reader to read, but I’ve decided to do so for this (idk why).

First sentence- Gunslinger (much like the one in the dark tower series) represents the older, now dying line of those who follow a now forgotten code of morality, spirituality, etc. In addition, besides being forgotten it’s not easy b/c the gunslinger is tempted several times to give in and change his/her name, hence the use of “call”.

Second sentence-Despite the hardships, despite the pressures the gunslinger continues with the life he/she knows, while recollecting memories of this on the way.

Sentence three- the gunslinger dips into his/her past and tells us a story about being tempted to divert paths. The gunslinger declines, and afterwords is proud of the his/her actions.

Sentence four and five- The silver sun setting represents the “mechanical world” not just in terms of technology but in terms of the spirit of the people who have given up the old ways for the new ways. The gunslinger squint his/her eyes because it painful to see what the world has become. The gunslinger smiles, b/c hope is felt as a result of the sun setting, which represents the new way fading, but slowly. (we are not clear as the reader if this is false or real hope)

Sentence five- The stories ends with the gunslinger’s new motivation and motto being told to the reader. He/she now sets out to continue and finish the mission with new found hope.


Black & White Dash 1

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

My first photo that I took with my new camera. This picture speaks to me for some reason. Could it be the blue dog? Or does it speak at all? Click it to see a larger image of it.


Word Press Help

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

I am having an issue with when I click on the reader tab of my page with it constantly reloading every second. This makes it near impossible for me to scroll the page.

It appears that it is checking for new post, but its doing it every second as opposed to in the past when it only checked for new post sparingly. Has anyone had this issue or know a way I can solve it? Seems like this problem started about 2 weeks ago. Thanks for all help JMD

Short Short Short Short Story

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Allegedly, Ernest Hemingway wrote a six world short story, which he called his greatest work. I am not sure if this has be proven,as it seems to be more of a myth. Regardless, here is the story.

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

I have read a lot about how great a story this is. Really? To me this is neither a story nor that great. I don’t suggest its not a story because of its length but rather its lack of the essential parts that make up any story. Putting the story aspect aside, what makes this so great? I hear its about the pain of miscarriage, etc. How do we come to that conclusion? In my eyes, its talking about a pair of baby shoes that were gave as a gift to a baby and were never used because they were to small.

Some one might say that is the beauty of the story, there could be so many different themes behind those six words. Which makes my point that is not a story, but rather an open end set of words. For example let me try, Rain fell at the bus stop.  There could be many suggestions about this story. For instance, this story is so deep because it is about a man deep in despair, still trying to be successful in life as he waits on the bus to go to his dead end job. Or, a little kid waits at the bus stop for his parents that will never come because they have been just killed in an accident. The possibilities go on and on. Story and great? Nah.

The following is a real short short short story.

We live in hard times, where doing the right thing is frowned upon. Hope is all that remains in this place. I cannot find hope.


Buddha 2012 Translation

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012


“The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.”-Buddha.

Often we are taught to look upward toward the sky for answers. The sky represents a bigger metaphor, which represents everything physical between us and the sky. Everything that will in fact give us no answers. To find God, to find the way, to find your answers, you must turn your eyes inward.-JMD

For Emma and Trey

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Best Friends
Uncle B

A long, long time ago…In a small forest village, there lived three best friends.
Harry the Goat, Lisa the Duck, and Sara the Rabbit.

Every day after school, they would meet outside Sara’s house to play. But they were always careful not to go into the Forbidden Forest.

The three friends would play all kinds of games. Hide and go seek, tag, and many others.
Harry, Lisa, and Sara always had a great time together. But there was one small problem.

Sara the rabbit always had to be in charge. She wanted things her way. She was bossy.
Sara would say things like, “Ok, today we are going to play house. I am the mother. Harry you are the baby and Lisa
you are the big sister.”

Lisa and Harry tried to speak up for themselves, but when they did Sara would to throw a fit and cry.
One day before they all met to play, Harry and Lisa decided to tell their parents about Sara’s tantrums.

Mother Rabbit was not happy to hear this at all. She decided to talk to all three before they went off to play.
Mother Rabbit said, “Listen up! You three are best friends. And best friends should always share and take turns when playing.”

Sara the Rabbit looked away and ignored her mother.
The three began to play a game of tag. Sara quickly yelled, “I am not it!”

Lisa the Duck replied, “But you are always not it Sara!”
Sara the Rabbit said, “So, I always get my way when we play, now let’s play!”

Harry the Goat spoke up, “Didn’t you hear what your mom said? We are to take turns. You are it today!”
Sara began to pout. But instead of giving in this time, Harry and Lisa held their ground.

Sara saw that she wasn’t going to get her way this time. She began to cry and started to run toward the Forbidden Forest.
“Fine!” she yelled. “I thought yall were my best friends. If I can’t get my way, I will find new friends!”

Harry and Lisa tried to stop her, but Sara was already in the Forbidden Forest before they could do anything.
Both Harry and Lisa agreed that she would back shortly after she was done pouting.

Sara began walking in the Forbidden forest, yelling ever few feet, “Hey! Anyone here want to be my new best friends?”
There was no reply.

The further she walked the darker it became. Sara started to hear strange noises and became afraid.
She asked again, “Does anyone want to be my friend?”

Sara did not know that Terry the Tiger was watching from behind a bush. Terry the Tiger spoke up, “I will be your friend.”
“Great!” said Sara. “Now here are the rules, I pick all the games and I am never it!”

Terry the Tiger replied, “Sure that sounds fine, why don’t you come closer.”
Sara walked toward the voice coming from the bush.

Just before Sara made it to the bush, Terry the Tiger jumped out and grabbed Sara.
“Ah, I got you!” roared Terry. “You will make a fine dinner tonight.”

Terry the Tiger took Sara back to his house.
Harry and Lisa started to get worried. They decided to go into the Forbidden Forest to find their friend.

They walked around yelling Sara’s name, but there was no answer.
Harry and Lisa were about to give up when they heard a small voice say, “Hey guys, I know where your friend is, Terry the Tiger caught her.”

Eddie the Lizard stepped in front of Harry and Lisa. He told them all about how Terry tricked Sara and took her back to his house.
The three made a plan to trick Terry and rescue Sara.

Harry and Lisa started to walk again, yelling “Does anyone want to be our friend?”
Terry the Tiger was hiding in the same bush again and replied, “I will be your friend.”

Henry said, “Ok, that sounds great, when can we play?”
Terry replied, “Why don’t you come closer first?”

Lisa answered, “You should meet us halfway.”
Terry the Tiger walked out of the bush. Right as Harry and Lisa saw his face, they both threw dirt into his eyes.

“Ahh, I can’t see! I can’t see!” roared Terry the Tiger.
Harry and Lisa ran as fast as they could back to Sara’s house.

While Harry and Lisa were distracting Terry the Tiger, Eddie the Lizard was able to sneak into the tiger’s house. Eddie untied Sara and they escaped together back to Sara’s house.

Sara the Rabbit was very happy to be safe. She told her friends how very sorry she was about running away and throwing a fit. She thanked Harry, Lisa, and Eddie. She told them she would start sharing and that she would take turns from now on.

Harry and Lisa forgave Sara. The three became closer as friends.
They had also found a new friend in Eddie the Lizard.

The four of them played many games together. Always taking turns and sharing while having fun.
Sara, Harry, Lisa, and Eddie lived happily ever after.

Enter Title Here, No Really Enter Title Here

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012


To write the most beautiful piece I’ve ever written is my wish.

But I cannot,  fuck the rules of grammar, I don’t care.

To write the most beautiful piece I’ve ever written is my gift.

But I cannot, and this hurts me deep.

I’ve tried, many drafts,  many crumbled pages laid to waste.

Why will this not happen, my words ring deaf, dumb, destroyed.

The pain from this feeling you will never know, no one will ever know.

To write the most beautiful piece I’ve ever written is love.

But I cannot, I simply cannot.

Beauty with grace, tied together in a precious knot.

Has failure endured or do your eyes see no justice?

The answer, my fingers lay waste, an inadequate job I create.

I want to write the most beautiful piece I’ve ever written.

But I cannot, but one day I will; you will see it, believe it, embrace it, and live it.

Thrice Met

Thursday, December 13th, 2012


I found the beach again today.
It wasn’t hard to find.
I cheated, I’ve been here before.
A thousand times, maybe more.
It has been a few weeks since I last saw you.
Ah, I guess that is to be expected.
It may rain soon, why won’t you leave?
Ah, what does it matter?
This breeze is nice, I must say.
Easy to navigate, unless you are heading north.
Pardon me as I pass by.
Pardon me as I tend to ramble.
I see you are back ole friend.
I must admit, I have missed thee.
Any good news, maybe stories to share?
Ah, the hell you can’t understand me.

The Devil is on my Back/Trust me you will want to read this

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012


Have you ever went to sleep, then woke up later on with eyes wide open, but find you can’t control your body? Sleep Paralysis is the medical term for what people some times refer to as “the devil is on my back”, “the devil is riding my back”, or “the devil is on my shoulder.”

In any case, most of us have experienced this at some point in our lives. Some of use more than others. Some of us are lucky enough not to know what this even refers to. I will start with a brief explanation of what the medical community and others say about Sleep Paralysis.  I will conclude with my theory on what this experience actually is.

Sleep Paralysis gets it devilish nickname because the individual who experiences this are often times frightened. Why are people frightened? Because when you experience Sleep Paralysis, you have zero control over moving your body at any level, combined with a sense that someone or something is in the room with you as you lie in bed. Hence it feels like “the devil is on your back” because you can’t move despite the fact that your mind is telling you to act because there is danger near by.

I have researched  medical explanations for why this happens, and not surprising no one gives an answer to why this happens. Instead, they type a bunch of medical jargon, which when read deeply, one quickly figures out they simply have no idea why this happens. Most studies do tend to agree it happens during REM stage of sleep. REM, rapid eye movement usually occurs during the morning hours of sleep right before you wake. This does not explain why myself and others usually experience this within a short time after falling asleep not during the morning hours.

The following is my theory on why this happens.

You and I are composed of three parts. The soul (you and I), the body, and the mind. The body and mind are just tools for our use. We are the soul. So when we go to bed, our mind and body enter a state of shut down. A period of rest. While our soul detaches itself from this earthly realm (body and mind) and takes a journey through the spirit world. We are for the most part not able to tap into this journey consciously, because well our mind is no longer being used, it is in rest. But what does happen is, we remember fragments of these journeys and we call them dreams.

REM sleep, consist of the final phase of sleeping. This is the phase where most if not all dreams occur. REM gets it name because literally our eyes are moving rapidly during this phase. Why is this so? Because what actually is happening during this phase is our soul is attaching itself back to the mind and body, thus flooding our mind with all the experiences our soul encountered during its journey. We call this dreaming.

Think about it like this, it would be like watching a combination of several movies and tv shows in a row on 500x fast forward. We try to observe and remember what we are seeing, but it is going by so quick we can only catch certain fragments (dreams). Some of us have the ability to retain this flood of information better than others, hence they can remember dreams very well. While some of use can’t remember a single second. But that topic is for another discussion.

Ok, finally after all that, what is Sleep Paralysis? Sleep Paralysis happens because our mind and body awaken from their rest state moments after our soul starts the detach process. So our mind is fully aware and the body ready for action lacks a missing piece with gives it the fuel to move and react in the physical world (soul, us). So what happens is, mentally we start freaking out. Our soul (us) only recently detached, recognizes that a flaw in the process has occurred, and re-attaches itself. Thus we are able to move again, and we breathe a sigh of relief.

So the next time the devil decides to ride on your back, just remember it is just your soul going out for its nightly jog.

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