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Foot Prints in the Sand

Friday, November 30th, 2012


Do you know who I am?
I followed you? No.
I am with you always.
Step in step, in fact I am you.

You turn back, but do not see me.
You look with your eyes, this is faulty.
With your ears, you listen for me coming.
Your ears let you down, quiet them.

My smell does not reach your sniffing nose.
Nor will it ever.
Reaching behind, you try to grab me.
Your hands only grab air.

Don’t you understand, your mind and body fail you.
Close all senses, shut off all thoughts.
Do you know who I am?
Foot prints in the sand.

Spoiler Below!! Stop Here if you don’t want to read my answer.

The answer is, you (soul), soul (you), and God. Firstly, often times we say the word soul as if it is not us, when we should be using it as an alternative to the pronouns, I, You, Yours, etc. Secondly, God is always with us and we are always with God (to what degree we are aware of this differs greatly from person to person). Lastly, to understand these answers and identify the foot prints in the sand, you must not use the body (5 senses, etc), nor use the mind (thoughts, reason, logic etc). You (soul) need only to turn inward and the owner of the foot prints in the sand become easy to see.


WordPress Site Question/Fellow Bloggers Your Help is Appreciated

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Does anyone know how to limit the number of your previous blogs that display on the home screen? Like for instance if you click on my page, the page won’t load every blog I have made since I have started blogging? I fooled around with the dashboard but didn’t see any setting for that.Thanks in advance for any help.


Here’s Johnnnny!!

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Preface:First time I have ever written something, and titled it at the very end. And whats even more intriguing is that I did not intend for that to be the case, it’s as if those last three words wrote themselves. As most of everyone who is reading this has a passion for writing, so you can probably understand why this is so exciting to me. Or maybe its exciting because I am somewhat of a dork…hm…idk…anyway enjoy.

There are 3 groups of people. One group wants to watch the world burn.
2nd group wants to save the world from burning.
And the 3rd group (the one envied the most) consist of people who are in-between the 1st and 2nd group.
How do you know if you are lucky enough to be this most envied 3rd group?

Simple, if you are reading this and have little to no idea what I am talking about than congratulations. If you read the first line and were completely lost, than an extra congrats is in order, because you may be in the exact middle, which constitutes the pinnacle of this piece of literature, I call “ignorance is bliss”.

p.s. “That’s why the call me slim shady, I’m back, I’m back.”- Eminem

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me Monday

Monday, August 6th, 2012


While never opening an eye, I can see every word, all angles, and an infinite amount of sunsets. Who am I?

Without a tongue, I taste all flavors, enjoy countless cocktails, and love sweet and sour. Who am I?

Every sound is heard and every melody recognized, all this and more with both ears soundly plugged. Who am I?

The absence of a nose does not affect my ability to smell roses, inhale deeply, and exhale powerfully. Who am I?

The sense of touch  is forgotten, as I can feel pain just as easily as I can enjoy pleasure without an inch of skin. Who am I?

And finally, I was created in the likeness of my father in Heaven, a source of power greater than this world could ever hope to faintly imagine with the five physical senses. Who am I?



Hopefully you will get the answer, but I will be posting a piece tomorrow possibly with the answer explained is detail. Thanks to everyone who likes, reads, follows, enjoys, etc my post. Have a great week, later!

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