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Monday, July 30th, 2012

I have read so many books, many many books. I wouldn’t even dare create a list of the ones I thought are worth reading. And a list of ones, I felt like were not. Actually, I am pretty sure I couldn’t even create a list of books not to read, because if they are not worth reading then reason stands, I haven’t read them.

But with that being said, I will put my foot in my mouth and recommend one book that you read.

First, I wish I was receiving some kind of monetary compensation for plugging this book, but I am not.

Second, I am not exactly a Stephen King fan boy. I have only read two of his novels, Duma Key and The Gunslinger. Both great books.

On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft, is a must read for any one that writes. It does not matter what level of writer you are; this book is full of raw insight into the mind of a writer.

When I was younger, I absolutely dreaded reading any kind of authors preface, afterword, thoughts, feelings, diary, etc. They always seemed like wasted pages. In most cases, I skipped these parts entirely and went right for the story itself. With age, I have found that these once ridiculed sections, our now among my favorites parts in a book. Now my only gripe is that they are not long enough, I want to read more.

This book delivers that “more” and well a lot more at that.

Reading is arguably the most powerful weapon a writer has at their disposal. A case could be made that writing should be considered the top tool for a writer and I certainly would not argue against that either. But what I will say is that most of us came into this world reading first, writing second. Thus our passion for writing developed. This book represents that “reading first” moment in our life. And proceeds to span the entirety of our reading careers, right up to the point which you are reading this now. In addition, it bridges nicely into the “writing second” part of our current and future lives.

Have a great day and week all!


P.S. Stephen King should really consider paying me for this glorious review. Maybe I will write him a letter, I mean he did say something about persistence in the book.

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