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For Emma and Trey

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Best Friends
Uncle B

A long, long time ago…In a small forest village, there lived three best friends.
Harry the Goat, Lisa the Duck, and Sara the Rabbit.

Every day after school, they would meet outside Sara’s house to play. But they were always careful not to go into the Forbidden Forest.

The three friends would play all kinds of games. Hide and go seek, tag, and many others.
Harry, Lisa, and Sara always had a great time together. But there was one small problem.

Sara the rabbit always had to be in charge. She wanted things her way. She was bossy.
Sara would say things like, “Ok, today we are going to play house. I am the mother. Harry you are the baby and Lisa
you are the big sister.”

Lisa and Harry tried to speak up for themselves, but when they did Sara would to throw a fit and cry.
One day before they all met to play, Harry and Lisa decided to tell their parents about Sara’s tantrums.

Mother Rabbit was not happy to hear this at all. She decided to talk to all three before they went off to play.
Mother Rabbit said, “Listen up! You three are best friends. And best friends should always share and take turns when playing.”

Sara the Rabbit looked away and ignored her mother.
The three began to play a game of tag. Sara quickly yelled, “I am not it!”

Lisa the Duck replied, “But you are always not it Sara!”
Sara the Rabbit said, “So, I always get my way when we play, now let’s play!”

Harry the Goat spoke up, “Didn’t you hear what your mom said? We are to take turns. You are it today!”
Sara began to pout. But instead of giving in this time, Harry and Lisa held their ground.

Sara saw that she wasn’t going to get her way this time. She began to cry and started to run toward the Forbidden Forest.
“Fine!” she yelled. “I thought yall were my best friends. If I can’t get my way, I will find new friends!”

Harry and Lisa tried to stop her, but Sara was already in the Forbidden Forest before they could do anything.
Both Harry and Lisa agreed that she would back shortly after she was done pouting.

Sara began walking in the Forbidden forest, yelling ever few feet, “Hey! Anyone here want to be my new best friends?”
There was no reply.

The further she walked the darker it became. Sara started to hear strange noises and became afraid.
She asked again, “Does anyone want to be my friend?”

Sara did not know that Terry the Tiger was watching from behind a bush. Terry the Tiger spoke up, “I will be your friend.”
“Great!” said Sara. “Now here are the rules, I pick all the games and I am never it!”

Terry the Tiger replied, “Sure that sounds fine, why don’t you come closer.”
Sara walked toward the voice coming from the bush.

Just before Sara made it to the bush, Terry the Tiger jumped out and grabbed Sara.
“Ah, I got you!” roared Terry. “You will make a fine dinner tonight.”

Terry the Tiger took Sara back to his house.
Harry and Lisa started to get worried. They decided to go into the Forbidden Forest to find their friend.

They walked around yelling Sara’s name, but there was no answer.
Harry and Lisa were about to give up when they heard a small voice say, “Hey guys, I know where your friend is, Terry the Tiger caught her.”

Eddie the Lizard stepped in front of Harry and Lisa. He told them all about how Terry tricked Sara and took her back to his house.
The three made a plan to trick Terry and rescue Sara.

Harry and Lisa started to walk again, yelling “Does anyone want to be our friend?”
Terry the Tiger was hiding in the same bush again and replied, “I will be your friend.”

Henry said, “Ok, that sounds great, when can we play?”
Terry replied, “Why don’t you come closer first?”

Lisa answered, “You should meet us halfway.”
Terry the Tiger walked out of the bush. Right as Harry and Lisa saw his face, they both threw dirt into his eyes.

“Ahh, I can’t see! I can’t see!” roared Terry the Tiger.
Harry and Lisa ran as fast as they could back to Sara’s house.

While Harry and Lisa were distracting Terry the Tiger, Eddie the Lizard was able to sneak into the tiger’s house. Eddie untied Sara and they escaped together back to Sara’s house.

Sara the Rabbit was very happy to be safe. She told her friends how very sorry she was about running away and throwing a fit. She thanked Harry, Lisa, and Eddie. She told them she would start sharing and that she would take turns from now on.

Harry and Lisa forgave Sara. The three became closer as friends.
They had also found a new friend in Eddie the Lizard.

The four of them played many games together. Always taking turns and sharing while having fun.
Sara, Harry, Lisa, and Eddie lived happily ever after.

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