Part 4 of more

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Part 4 of more
I opened the door to my father’s black Mercedes-Benz and took a seat. Outside my parents were busy issuing goodbyes and hugs to my twin sisters. Thank God Christy and Cassie drove their own car. I had about as much as I could handle from those two for the night. I was busy getting comfortable in my seat, thinking about lying in bed with my comfortable pillow.

Oh my, it had been such a long day. A day, I wish would soon be over. The funeral services for my Nana actually went as well as one could hope for such an occasion. My Uncle gave a nice speech, which was full of great memories. I could not stop crying during and after he was through talking. The pastor did a wonderful job as well. My Nana was certainly a great woman, and that was even more evident today by all the kind words that were shared.

It started to rain midway through the final service at the cemetery. Everyone was prepared with their umbrellas so that was not a huge deal. However, a curious event occurred right after the final prayer was said by the pastor. As I was walking toward my father’s car, the rain suddenly slowed to a sprinkle. I looked to the sky where I witnessed the sun poking its way in between a perimeter of dark clouds. At that moment, I could feel my Nana and I smiled. I don’t know how to explain any better than that, but it is certainly something I will always remember.

Later in the day, my parents, sisters, and I went to dinner. It was a typical dinner with my family. The food and wine were excellent, which is about the extent of what went well. Apparently my mother’s mission to completely destroy my self-confidence was in full effect despite the fact we had just left her mother’s funeral.

“When are you going to get married? Your sister Cassie is doing so well at her new job and Christy’s newborn is so precious. Don’t you want to have kids? Fix your hair, it’s curling up in the back. You don’t think those other pants would have looked better on you?” On and on my mother would speak to me. I would look to my farther for help, but he was constantly stuck playing the middle. And my sisters, just loved every minute of it. They would egg it on and I have no idea why because they know how upset it makes me. But whatever, sadly one of the best moments of the night was when my father told our waitress, “Check please.”

Finally, my parents made it to the car and their seats. I could hear the engine hum softly, which was the only signal I needed to indicate that I was close to my bed. I pulled my cell phone out. The time was 11:11. I closed my eyes, blew a kiss, and made a wish. Immediately after, my phone began to vibrate. It was a text from boyfriend.

“Hey babe, how are u, how did everything go tday?”
“Really?? How do you think it went, it was my Nana’s funeral.”
“Sarah, I was just wondering how everything was. Just concerned that’s all.”
“Please stop acting like that. When are u coming back home?”
“Acting like what? And by the way thanks for waiting to talk to me at 11 at night.”
“Look, I am sorry. I got caught up at work u know how that goes.”
“When are u flying back?”
“Tomorrow at 10:30, for the hundredth time.”
“Sorry, I just wanna make sure of the time that’s all. Get off my case.”
“Quit saying you are sorry.”
“Look, I just wanted to check on u to see how u were. I know it’s tough for u right now but I don’t what I did to make u so upset.”
Oh my gosh, will he please just shut up and quit texting me.
“No, it is fine. It has just been a long day that’s all.”
“Ok, well I will see u tomorrow night ok? Have a safe trip.”
“Thanks, see you tomorrow.”
“Love ya.”

I stared at the screen for a couple of seconds before I replied, “Love ya.” I looked out my window. The tears on my cheek were starting to slowly dry.


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