Beauty, Questions, & More Beauty..

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

How do you tell someone they are beautiful, more importantly how do you make them believe?

I have sat and pondered this very question,
for days and nights and for nights and days.
How to show a world what it cannot see;
this thought, this idea haunts my mind.
I have cried and toiled,
but nothing of yet has reasoned an answer, so I introduce you to three.

Upon your laws I cannot be beautiful;
for a number of reasons and reasons that number three.
My face is not symmetrical nor my eyes sky blue,
and even worse my hair is darkened curly, which rest upon a fragile figure’s doom.
The status of my height is below ideal and I walk with a slight slow pace;
dare you not mention this word “beautiful” to me.

Upon your laws I have seen an angel of beauty;
for a number of reasons and reasons that number three.
Her face so soft, so subtle with eyes sparkling blue,
and with long flowing blonde hair, which nestle elegantly upon a fancy figure’s view.
Stature in length displays just perfect and her grace glows bright to boot;
dare the only word you mention is “beautiful” to thee.

With courage that day, I gazed upon you with eyes closed tight;
for reasons unknown and unknown reasons that free.
Your soul so majestically aligned with a pretty smile that’s true,
and with a heart made in heaven, which holds together a flawless figure too.
Caring with love extends past the bar and silly steps signal happiness from afar;
dare you say the words I am “beautiful” to me?

Have I found the answer,
I wonder this night and day, and day and night.
To tell you to close your eyes in order to see,
seems so hopeless, seems so hard to me.
I cry and weep,
so instead of trying, you pick the beautiful one from the three.


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