Part 2, Ignore any editing issues I had to post this quickly

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Strength of the Heart…You Need It.

Moments before I took my seat on the plane, I put my cell phone away. No, need for it now. Not to mention, shortly the pilot is going to tell everyone to shut their phones down. I wonder if he was trying to text me now and wonder what insensitive comment he made. See I was flying to California because my Nana had become sick recently and well the doctors feared the worse. Most of my family has already flown out. I am stuck on this long plane ride by myself. And it was too much to ask of my boyfriend to come with me, even though money is not a problem. Lame excuse after lame excuse and he would only make me feel bad when I questioned him about going. Do I really love him? Better yet does he really love me?

Now situated in my seat and I took my head phones out in order to listen my troubles away. I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Sorry babe, but I think you are in my seat”, a full figure gal belted out with her powerful lungs.

“I am sorry, I did not even realize”, I replied. This is great. I am sitting next to this woman, weird stench and all. I put my ear phones in and closed my eyes.

I felt another tap on my shoulder, it was big momma again belting away, “So hun, I need to use the restroom, would you mind if I get by real quick?”

By this time ,the plane was 30,000 feet in the air. I was in the midst of a nice nap. “Yeah, that’s no problem, let me just…”, I was  interrupted by her forcing her rather portly frame across me as she headed to the restroom. I gave her one of those go to hell looks, flipping my hair and thought this is great.

After being disturbed from my little cat nap, I had time to think. I thought about my sweet Nana and how the doctors had said it did not look good. I remembered back to past, when I was a little girl and she would hold me in her arms and call me her sweet little girl. Then I started to think about how much an asshole my boyfriend was for ducking out on me. My eyes started to tear up some. I mean really my Nana means so much to me and he knows that, I just don’t understand why.I felt that lovely tap again on my shoulder, “Babe, let me get by real quick again.”

This time I was prepared and shot up quickly in my seat. She was not about to force her big ass on me again. She took her seat and pulled a magazine out to read. I was just about to put my ear phones back in when I heard, “Hun, let me ask you a question.” Her fingers pointing to a magazine. I took a quick glance at it as she spoke again, “Woman to woman, do you think it would be inappropriate of me to ask my husband to consider using Viagra?” I caught of a glance of the ad she was pointing too and I began to laugh.

“Hun, what do you think?” She asked again, but this time I tuned her out. The question from this full figure gal  made me think of that sweet boy, I meet about an hour ago in the airport terminal. He was a cute, silly boy, but I found that to be enduring. He seemed a little arrogant, but I saw through that act, he was just trying to be tough. And it was so sweet that he was going to surprise his girlfriend. My own boyfriend could learn something from him. He was so cute and silly.Wait I already said that once, do you like him? No, stop being stupid, you don’t even know him.

Regaining my composure and I took a look over at my seating partner, who now was face first in something that appeared to be food, but I could not tell. I relaxed, put my head back in my seat, and put my ear phones back in. The plane continued traveling on its way to my destination. Closing my eyes, a subtle thought popped into my head. A small smile crept onto my face. Wonder if I will ever see him again. Maybe.Just maybe so.
Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, and then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart. -Author Known-


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