Enter my work, a simple poem?

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Before the poem, first I would like to say that I plan on trying to post at least once a day. They won’t always be poems, but I don’t have access to any of my work from home because well I am not at home. But I do have my note pad in my car, where I scribble down a bunch of writing ideas, poems, quotes, etc and I found this one, so hope you enjoy.

Writers preface: This idea came to me one day in a store, and I just happened to take note of the customer service line. And God knows for whatever reason, but the inspiration to write about love and how people seem to toy with it as if they can exchange it like the customers in that line came to me. So thus, this little beauty was produced.

Exchanged Denied!

I can write letters you will only see once,
whisper words you won’t hear again.
Paint a picture, priceless for your eyes alone,
give you flowers whose scent will never fade.
Hold you in my arms, an unforgettable embrace,
present a gift of love, molded perfectly for your heart.
There is only one thing I will ask from you in return,
nothing, quite simply nothing.
Love cannot be asked for, it’s not deserved, nor owed;
it can only be given, and cannot be exchanged.

Later all, have a great weekend, see ya tomorrow!


4 comments on “Enter my work, a simple poem?

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  2. keithcashin says:

    I really like that poem, well done!

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